Track location of any phone by its number

Localize precisely finds the location of a cell phone. The app works on all phone types, networks, and countries.
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Localize tracks any phone

Localize does not need access to the device. You can track the phone remotely just by its number.
1-meter precise geolocation
Worldwide coverage
Complete privacy
For all phone models
Unlimited number of phones to track

Hear from our Localize users

I’ve been looking for such a service for quite a while since I don’t know people who found Find My Phone helpful. Localize is very simple to operate. Besides, when I travel, I always know where my son is. Ensuring the safety of my family was a nice bonus, even though it doesn’t seem obvious at first. I highly recommend Localize to everyone!
I rarely write reviews because I never have time for this. But I feel that I have to now because Localize helped me find my phone! So I have an old Samsung s8, it's unremarkable tbh and not very expensive. But my entire life is in it, my photos, contacts, passwords, banking details. I was shopping with a friend all day at Emporium Melbourne, and just before entering the parking lot, I realized that there was no phone in my pocket. Neither it was in my purse, nor in grocery or clothing bags. I paid in cash that day, which meant he could be anywhere. The call went through, but like most people, my phone was on silent mode. Luckily, my friend had Localize installed. We typed in my phone number and found it in eight minutes in one of the fitting rooms, it fell behind a chair where you put clothes. We got super lucky! When you need to act quickly, like in my case, I don’t know what can help better than this app. Many thanks to the developers!
I always know where my boyfriend and all close ones are. It's very soothing for my anxiety disorder and doesn't raise any questions from anyone. Localize works without having to "hack" into cell phones. It does its trick remotely through using the person’s phone number.
Fine app. I like its simplicity. You don’t need to get into other people's phones to determine their location.

Why choose Localize

“Invisible” service

The owner of the phone will not know who tried to locate it. The service is invisible and sends notifications directly to your device.

Skip installation

No need to install the app on the other end. Just enter their number and Localize gets to work. Really. That’s it.

Works on all phones and carriers

Need to find an old phone? Or is your phone lost with a local South African sim card? Localize operates on all phones and carries.

iOS and Android Compatible

Whatever phone is, Localize works like magic. In fact, you don’t even need to know the phone model to find it.

FAQ: How do I track any phone location by phone number

How to track a phone number without physical access to the target device?

As was noted earlier, Localize doesn’t require physical access to a target phone. All you need to track another person’s location is their relevant phone number. You also don’t have to install any apps on your device, as Localize works online. Simply head over to the Localize website and type in the phone number you want to locate. The service will send the location request to the target user after you acquire the subscription or activate the trial.

What is Localize?

Localize is a service that makes it possible to locate any cell phone by its phone number. With the help of Localize, you can find a location using the cell phone number of another person. It is a simple solution that can be nailed by anyone. You only need to copy the target person’s cell phone number to the respective field on website and wait until the tool finds the location.

How to track a cell phone number without them knowing with Localize?

It’s pretty easy to use Localize. You only need to type in a phone number and find location of the target person remotely. They will receive an SMS that contains a request to see their exact whereabouts. The message will be sent from an anonymous sender, so the target person won’t know who requests their location. What’s more, you can customize the message you’re going to send in any way you like.

Can I track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free?

Since Localize is an advanced solution for locating cell phones by number, it requires a fair fee for its services. In particular, you need to pay only $0.89 to track the unlimited number of devices for 24 hours. But if you would like to keep using Localize for longer, you need to purchase a regular subscription of $49.80 per month. Note that your subscription is renewed automatically every month. If you no longer want to use Localize, you can cancel your active subscription at any time.

Do I need to install Localize on my phone to find location by phone number?

No, you don’t need to install Localize on your phone. What’s more, no physical access to the target device is required. All that’s needed is the phone number you want to track and a couple of minutes.

Can I find a location with a phone number if the target device was stolen or lost?

Since localize is compatible with all networks and phones, you can try locating even a stolen device. However, it needs to be connected to the Internet and have an active SIM card. Note that Localize doesn’t guarantee to locate lost or stolen devices and takes no responsibility for finding them.

How to find someone's location by cell phone number on iOS or Android?

If you need to track someone’s cell phone location remotely, Localize is what you need. It works on both iOS and Android-operated phones and is compatible with all cell phone models. With Localize, you can track a phone number of the needed person and get details on their exact location in a few clicks.

Is it legal to use a phone tracker by number without them knowing?

It’s natural if you have concerns about tracking another person’s phone. However, geolocating someone’s device is fully legal and conforms to the recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Besides, you can receive the third party’s location only if they give consent for being located.